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About Me, About Dryad

Ty Beringer in the garage shop

Who am I and what is Dryad Gaming Co?

Short answer: My name is Ty. I like making things and playing games.  Dryad is where I do both. 


Long answer:  I'm Ty Beringer.  Human, artisan, neutral good.  I live in beautiful Fayetteville, AR with my wife, Caroline.  When I was in junior high school, I took a basic shop class because I wasn't good at sports, and "gaming" wasn't an elective at Woodland Junior High. I've been making things ever since.


Turns out, saws are super cool and I really enjoyed shop class.  Sophomore year of college, I applied for an indie craft show on a whim. During that show, I decided that I'd never have a "normal" job.  Since 2013, I've been getting dusty in my parents' garage as a professional woodworker with my first company, Beringer Wood Co.  


Making things is only one of my passions, though.  Playing games is the other.  Cards, video games, RPGs, you name it, I'm playing it.  Tabletop RPGs are special to me, though.  At the time of this writing, my halfling rogue, Milo Tosscobble, is a handful of hitpoints away from dying in a haunted mansion. 


Dryad Gaming Co. is the sum of all the things I love to do.  My goal is to make products that help other people elevate their tabletop gaming experience.  But I have a few rules for myself here:

1.  All of my products are handmade using real woodworking techniques, and they are built to be tough.  These aren't going to fall apart if you knock them over. 

2.  These products should celebrate the natural beauty of wood.  I use over a dozen different hardwoods, and none of them are dyed, stained, or otherwise discolored.  You're seeing the real color and grain. 

3.  These are high-end products, but you shouldn't have to get a bank loan to afford them. 

4.  I'm going to have fun making these, and hopefully, you're going to have fun using them.  

5. If something's wrong, I'm going to fix it.  See my Common Sense Guarantee


Dryad Gaming Co. is a one-man shop.  It's just me here.  I make everything, I write every tweet, I ship every package.  

And I love it. 

This is me.  This is Dryad.