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Announcing Dryad Gaming Apparel!

Tabletop Gaming Apparel, Now Available

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If you've been following along with my Kickstarter fulfillment journey, you know that there've been some hiccups. Many of them were my fault (detrimentally optimistic shipping goals, flaws in planning, etc.), but I've also been sick quite a bit lately.  It seems like I've been to dozens of doctor appointments in the last 4 months, including a weekend stay in the ICU.  Most recently, I've had a thrilling battle with some kidney stones.  


This time away from the workshop was unfortunate, but it's allowed me to work on an idea that I've had for a while, but not had the time for: quality, nice-looking tabletop gaming apparel.  I love themed shirts (don't even ask how many Star Wars shirts I own) and I've had some ideas for D&D or tabletop themed shirts that I've been dying to make.  Thankfully(?) I've had some time to lay in bed and design shirts.


With this launch, you can, of course, buy some Dryad Gaming branded apparel with the beautiful dryad herself, designed by Big Bot Chad. But, what I'm even more excited about is the 8 Schools of Magic line.  You know those classic collegiate sweatshirts that every university has?  Now all eight Wizard Schools of Magic have them too!  



I'm super excited about this new part of Dryad Gaming Co. and I'd like to add a new design every month or so.  Sometimes they might a D&D/real world mashup like these sweatshirts, sometimes they will just be a good ole' tabletop graphic tee.  I might even branch into hats or something.  Who knows!  There's no rules here!  


Oh, and the sweatshirt designs are available as t-shirts, too. 


That's it for this post!  Time to get back to my main passion: shreddin' wood and mailin' towers!  Hopefully I'm done being sick for a while. 



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